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Complimentary skin evaluation. Recommendations will be provided for products and treatments for short term and long term goals.


Glo Signature Facial

This facial is ideal for all skin types. The Glo Facial strengthens, protects and softens the skin using products without preservatives, parabens, or fragrances. Your skin will be revived and calmed while soothing irritations and reducing inflammations, leaving the skin truly "glowing". 

-60 min

70.00 per treatment  350.00 package of six

Medicated Clearing Facial

A systemic and highly effective treatment which counteracts bacteria, soothes the skin, promotes healing and refines the skins textures. This treatment benefits any stage of oily, blemished and acne skin. 

-60 min

90.00 per treatment  450.00 package of six

Age Intervention Facial

The natural solution to reverse aging has arrived! With our Age Smart treatment we help reduce lines and wrinkles while minimizing expression lines. This facial improves the facial contours while restoring the skin to a smoother, more youthful complexion and diminishes visible signs of aging.  -60 min

110.00 per treatment  550.00 package of six

Ultra Calming Facial

This facial is for those with over sensitized or environmentally damaged skin. Using only the most calming ingredients, this facial will restore your skin's PH while providing a deep cleanse. You will leave refreshed and soothed. 

-60 min

90.00 per treatment  450.00 package of six

Hydration B5 Facial

Provides hydration and replenishes nutrients to the skin. Contains Vitamin B5 to promote tissue repair. Hyaluronic Acid binds vital moisture to skin to feel supple and smooth. They restore skin's hydration and moisture, recapture skin's natural elasticity, and repair tissue. Suitable for all skin types. 

-60 min


Skin Brightening Facial

Have you lost your Glo? Well this facial is certain to restore that dewy look we all crave. This indulgent facial works natural enzymes and powerful serums deep into the layers of the skin to restore moisture, balance and radiance. Perfect for all skin types.  -60 min

110.00 per treatment  550.00 package of six

Vitamin C Facial

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that will promote tightening, brightening and lightening. Vitamin C is also a favorite amongst those looking for powerful anti-aging and looking to soothe environmentally stressed skin, decrease melasma, smooth fine lines and instantly firm the skin. Suitable for all skin types. 

-60 min

Renewal Facial

All skin types will benefit from this spectacular treatment which visibly renews the skin and improves it's structure as it reduces enlarged pores, lines and wrinkles. Cellular turnover is accelerated, resulting in a fresh, youthful and even-looking complexion while improving the skin's own collagen. 

-60 min​

125.00 per treatment  625.00 package of six

Pumpkin Enzyme Facial

Pumpkin provides the highest natural resource of Vitamin A. This facial will leave tired, dull, lack-luster skin completely refreshed! Natural enzymes work at digesting dead skin cells and dissolving oil and debris while a micro scrub refinishes the skin's surface to radiant perfection.  -60 min

90.00 per treatment  450.00 package of six

Teen Facial

Give teens quick, effective support with a thorough deep cleanse for potent maintenance treatment. This express facial uses digestive enzymes to support normal to problematic skin while the soothing mask healins and calms for vibrant skin less time. Great results! 

-30 min

55 per treatment


85.00  425.00 package of six


With Glo Signature Facial... 115.00  575.00 package of six

With Enzymes... 135.00

With Chemical Peel... 110.00

With Skin Brightening... 225.00

For the Gentleman

Raw Gentleman's Facial

Indulge yourself with a soothing yet corrective professional treatment that will take skin to a whole new level as detoxifying clays and cacti extracts provide balance and tone. Relax under heating and cooling applications while the sensation of massage oil, with it's blend of essential oils and vital antioxidants hydrates your skin leaving it feeling healthy and vibrant. 

-60 min

70.00 per treatment  350.00 package of six


Raw Man Express Treatment

Are you a busy man on-the go? Need a quick pick me-up? Take a moment with this process that carries away waste products that cause skin to look dull and unhealthy. Notice an immediate difference as this quick, refreshing facial leaves skin smooth, hydrated and vibrant for weeks. 

-35 min

50.00 per treatment  250.00 package of six​​


Raw Man Sake Peel

A Using a powerful blend of Sake and skin regenerating acids, this peel is ideal for men who want to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, tighten skin, improve photo-aged skin and fight free radical damage. This gentle, yet potent treatment will refine skin and stimulate cell renewal for a youthful, manly appearance.   -45 min

85.00 per treatment  425.00 package of six

Skin Rejuvenation Peels

Glycolic Peel

Glycolic acid aggressively promotes the repair and regeneration of skin. Recommended to aid in the elimination of actinic keratosis and to improve the appearance of aging skin.


Lactic Acid Peel

This peel offers exfoliating and moisture retention properties. You will achieve softer, smoother skin, as well as mild to moderate improvements in the appearance of fine wrinkles.



Salicylic Peel

An antiseptic exfoliant that deeply cleanses pores. Excellent for the treatment of acne and aids overall in skin rejuvination.


Jessner Peel

A synergy of effective acids to help reduce the appearance of melasma, freckles, acne and mild cases of rosacea. Your skin will regenerate while having a brighter "glo".


TCA Peel

The ultimate in skin peels! This pairing of acids improves the appearance of aging skin, smoothes fine lines and enhances the overall tone of skin.


The Baby Boomer Peel

These are a range of specific peelings for improvement of skin discoloration, fine lines, course texture, enlarged pores, and dull skin. The appropriate preparation is selected, pre and post care is determined, and a follow-up skin treatment is required. Skin will experience aggressive exfoliation for at least one week and the appearance of skin will continue to improve over the next several weeks.

-30 min  115.00 (may be repeated every 4-6 weeks)​

Firming Toning Peel

For many skin types- especially good for photo-aged, normal to dry, and uneven skin. Easy, fast, and what a difference! Minimizes fine lines, refines skin tone and stimulates cellular rejuvenation.

-35 min  90.00

The Hiperpigmentation Peel

One of our most popular and effective peels for an easy approach to pigment reduciton. Lightens discoloration and helps with a more even skin tone. This peel improves texture and tone while reducing wrinkle formation and impurities.

-30 min  125.00

The Rosacea Peel

Intense and progressive rejuvenation for sensitive skin. This peel reduces inflammation and adds supportive and soothing properties to rosacea prone skin. It's antibacterial and creates a mild exfoliation for cellular turnover and healthier skin.

-45 min  95.00

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